Yachiyo Industrial Co.,Ltd



Company Profile

Company Yachiyo Industrial Co., Ltd.
President Morio Oyabu
Foundation December 1963
Capital 14 million yen
Headquarters 1-1-4, Kabe, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima, 7310221, Japan
Main TEL:+81-82-815-1785 FAX:+81-82-815-1787
Sales Dept. 2:TEL:+81-82-815-1790 FAX:+81-82-815-1798
Sales Dept. 3:TEL:+81-82-516-7103 FAX:+81-82-815-1798
Imuro distribution center 3556, Azakamiokita, Asacho-imuro, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima, 7311142, Japan
TEL:+81-82-810-2003 FAX:+81-82-810-2005
3486-1, Azakamiokita, Asacho-imuro, Asakita-ku, Hiroshima, 7311142, Japan
Kyushu Branch 2332-10, Higashi-oda, Chikuzen-machi, Asakura-gun, Fukuoka, 8380214, Japan
Tokyo sales office MS-Tawara-machi Bld. 7F, No.2-10-11, Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 111-0042
2-10-11, MS-Tawara-machi Building, Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 1110042, Japan
No. of Employee 434 (Domestic: 134・Overseas: 300) as of end of Oct 2023
Business description Product planning, production, and sales of Needle
Yarn and Handicraft goods
Stationery and Toys
Household goods
Sports and leisure goods
Gardening goods
Promotional goods
Main financing banks Main financing banks
The Shoko Chukin Bank Ltd.
The Hiroshima Bank, Ltd.
Momiji Bank, Ltd.
The Yamaguchi Bank, Ltd.
The Hiroshima Shinkin Bank.

Company History

Apr. 1963 Founds a factory of Miyake needle company Co., Ltd. at Yachiyo-cho Takada-gun Hiroshima
Dec. 1963 Yachiyo Industrial Co., Ltd. is established with 2 million yen of capital by Raijiro Miyake as President
Jan. 1965 Nobuhiko Oyabu is inaugurated as Executive Director
Mar. 1970 Capital increases to 4.5million yen
May. 1971 Opens Hiroshima office in Nakahiro Nishi-ku Hiroshima
Oct. 1974 Capital increases to 7 million yen
Dec. 1978 Raijiro Miyake is inaugurated as chairman.
Nobuhiko Oyabu is inaugurated as President
Oct. 1980 Opens Hiroshima factory in Yokogawa Nishi-ku Hiroshima
Jul. 1983 Capital increases to 14 million yen
Jul. 1986 Shuts down Yachiyo and Hiroshima factories then merged and relocated company address to the current location, Kabe Asakita-ku Hiroshima
Oct. 1991 Dandong Yachiyo Needle Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Joint venture) is established in Dandong, Liaoning, China. (Closed in 2008)
Sep. 1998 Dandong Daxin Nail & Needle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is established in Dandong, Liaoning, China. (100% owned enterprise)
Sep. 2000 The company is certified as a business innovation enterprise by medium-sized business management innovation support law
Feb. 2003 Opens Shenzhen office in China. (Now closed)
Jan. 2009 Nobuhiko Oyabu is inaugurated as board chairman.
Morio Oyabu is inaugurated as President
Jul. 2011 Dandong Daxin Nail & Needle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. acquires ISO 9001 certification
Apr. 2013 A merger between Yachiyo Industrial Co., Ltd. and Seibu Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2014 Opens Hanoi office in Vietnam (Now closed)
Jul. 2014 Opens Kyushu branch in Kurume city, Fukuoka
Oct. 2014 Opens Kagoshima branch in Kagoshima city, Kagoshima
Feb. 2017 Opens Tokyo sales office in Taito-ku, Tokyo
Jul. 2019 Begins agricultural business
Hydroponics “MIKAGAMI farm”
Sprout garlic
Aug. 2019 Kyushu branch absorbs and merges Kagoshima branch
Feb. 2020 The company is approved as 6th Hiroshima workstyle reform practice enterprise
Sep. 2020 The company is approved as Hiroshima company health declaration office
Jun. 2021 Start exporting Japanese Sake
Aug. 2022 Start producing bio-energy fuel made from rice husk
Aug. 2022 Certified as a Hiroshima Corporate Health Declaration Office for 3 consecutive years
Mar. 2023 Certified in 2023 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program (small and medium-sized enterprises category)
Jul. 2023 Received Hiroshima City Gender Equality Promotion Business Award
Oct. 2023 Won the Grand Prix at the 2nd Hiroshima Work Style Conference (categories of women, people with disabilities, elderly people, and foreign workers promotion)