GARDENING We widely provide gardening materials such as fertilizer, agricultural chemicals, water sprinkler, and also providing floral supplies such as flower vase and wraps.

  • プリザーブドフラワーPreserved Flower
  • ラッピングFlower Wrapping Goods
  • ラッピング商材Wrapping Goods
  • 肥料Fertilizer(1)
  • 液体肥料(1)Fertilizer(2)
  • 液体肥料(2)Fertilizer(3)
  • 家庭園芸用農薬Pesticide
  • 用土Soil For Gardening
  • プラスチック鉢Flower Pot
  • 野菜専用肥料Fertilizer for Vegetable
  • 根菜・果菜の肥料Manure of a root,
    greens and fruits
  • 葉菜・有機化成肥料"Leaf greens, existence machine compound fertilizer
  • 防虫ネットInsect Proof Net
  • 防虫ネットInsect Proof Net,Shading net
  • 除草剤Herbicide
  • 防草シートWeedproof Sheet
  • 人工芝Artificial turf
  • 動物ガードネットAnimal guard net
  • 野菜専用培養土Compost for exclusive use of vegetables