Yachiyo Industrial Co.,Ltd



Corporate Philosophy

Management Philosophy

  • Providing enhanced value to society with “Creative spirit”
  • We offer value to society and people through our products with creative spirit as a manufacturer.
  • Questing for a richness of society with “Pacifism mind”
  • We pursue the richness of society and penetrate pacifism mind to all customers, clients, employees and stakeholders.
  • Contributing to society with 4C principles
  • 「Change」
    Aim to be the flexible company which can be adjusted the change of the times.
  • 「Challenge」
    Continue to challenge ourselves without fears.
  • 「Chance」
    Devote every day with "An opportunity is given to only a person making an effort".
  • 「Creative」
    Consider the value of creative matter with originality.

Concept Of Our Logo

Our logo is based on the heart motif and the mark fused the needle designed abstractly.

It expresses our organization growth which Hiroshima origin 50 years needle manufacture causes an innovation and turned into a global company.
The heart needle means our aim for providing products which attract customer's attention. The ripples represent our wish for expanding the circles of happiness to everyone by spreading our products to all over the world with an appreciation for all circumstances.

About Yachiyo Green

The color of green expresses our four aims: faithful and clean organization, camping products related to nature, growth of young leaves and conscious of environment and Eco management.