Yachiyo Industrial Co.,Ltd




  • We variously supply leisure products such as tent and BBQ equipment, and sports, daily necessities and household goods.
  • We widely provide gardening materials such as fertilizer, agricultural chemicals, water sprinkler, and also providing floral supplies such as flower vase and wraps.
  • Our leading products are stapler needle and push pin, also provide magnet, clay, and scrapbook.
  • 『 Harico 』
    All necessary items for handicrafts from materials to tools are available. The color-coded package makes it easy to choose even for beginners.
  • From simple acrylic yarn to fancy yarn, We handle a wide variety of yarns based on the season and trends.
  • 『 Amico 』
    Mainly bamboo material of knitting tools. Various sizes for crochet hooks and knitting needles.
  • Our commitment is to provide safe and trusted original products from the perspective of the child.